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A bike fit with PhysioFits consists of more than just looking at the client on the bike and modifying parts or making quick adjustments to fit them to the bike. PhysioFits takes a holistic approach to bike fitting. Before the rider ever steps onto the bike we conduct a detailed background interview consisting of past injuries, current discomforts while riding, ride style, stretching routine, cross training and work environment.  It takes a firm understanding of all of these details to be able to properly understand what changes will need to be made to the bike, or what corrective exercises need to be incorporated.


What is our fit process?

Comfort Performance Longevity



After the initial interview the client’s range of motion (ROM) and flexibility will be examined to test and discover physical limitations. Our process is founded from evidence based practices and will not incorporate quick fixes that mask real problems.   Many of our clients are provided with a suggested list exercises that will strengthen and or stretch muscles in order to correct imbalances discovered during the fit process.  This process is designed to allow riders to continue riding comfortably while increasing performance for years to come.  

Fits typically take two hours. Clients should bring their bike, cycling shoes, clothing they normally wear on the bike. Be ready to learn as Mike enjoys teaching the process as much as helping clients get in the perfect position on their bike.

Head Bike Fit Specialist

Mike is a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Master's degree in Health Science and has an in-depth educational background in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. He has performed hundreds of bike fits - much of this experience coming from working with injured veterans including competitive cyclist, amputee cyclist, and riders with a wide range of complex injuries.


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Fits are by appointment only

And we now offer mobile services with our new trailer for when you cannot make it to our shop location!

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